Accredited and regulated Notary, available 24/7

Michael Orton-Jones is a Notary Public, a solicitor and a commissioner for oaths

I am a Notary based in the village of Harpole near the town of Northampton.

I am fully accredited, and have completed thousands of jobs regarding property purchase & sales, matrimonial, travel, wills, degree certification, and corporate work for organisations of all sizes from startups to global enterprises.

I am available for work, and will be happy to help you.

When might I need a Notary Public?

Anyone involved in transactions involving international business, such as the formation of companies commercial transactions overseas dealing with foreign property is likely to require the services of a notary, who will, upon proof-of-identity and having satisfied himself of their capacity and understanding, verify or authenticate their documents.

I work in many languages

Notaries work internationally.
I am a native English speaker. But I can also offer services in other languages.

For Romanian jobs I work with a lawyer called Gabi Andrei, a native Romanian speaker.
I can also offer expertise for citizens of

How to contact me?

The best way to contact me is to email me.

Tell me
a) your requirement
b) which country the job relates to;
c) who you are;
d) What timeline we are working to. Urgent enquiries can be prioritised.

I will respond by email within 24 hours. Usually sooner.

07714 896 500

68 High Street

I am easy to find. My house is located on the High Street in the village of Harpole, near Junction 16 of the M1, and by the A45 road.
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