Fees and General Information

My fees depend upon the time, trouble and urgency of a matter

My standard charging rate is £150, but this can be discounted to £125 for the most straightforward matters.

Some documents have to be legalised or “apostilled” by the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office which charges £30 for each document and some may also have to be legalised by the embassy of the country, where they are going to be used. I can advise how much this will all cost.

There may be postage and sometimes agent’s or translators’ fees which I have to pay out on your behalf.

I shall explain what needs to be done and how long it is all likely to take.

Indemnity Insurance. I am covered by professional indemnity insurance for over a million pounds.

Regulation. I am Regulated through the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury

Data Protection. I always treat client information as strictly confidential and only disclose it when in the client’s interest and in compliance with the General Data Protection Directive GDPR.